Yatsugatake (1&2)

Map number 33, description number 64. My first attempt at Yatsugatake was part of a 3 day trip, which included Kirigamine, Tateshina, Kinpu, and Mizugaki. I may have over estimated my Honda Stream's ability to drive on Japanese forest roads. It's been my experience that most forest roads in the US are OK for 2... Continue Reading →

Mt. Kinpu / Mt. Mizugaki

Kinpu and Mizugaki are map number 23. Kinpu is description number 68 and Mizugaki is description number 69 After not being able to summit Yatsugatake, I headed for Mizugaki and Kinpu, May 8-9, 2017. You can access both peaks from one trail head, and there are a couple places to park. I parked at 35.878263,138.580107 because... Continue Reading →

Mt. Daibosatsurei

Map number 23 (you can also get Kinpu, Mizugaki, Ryokami, Kumotori, and Kobushi). Description number 70 I hiked Daibosatsurei on December 30, 2017 with my wife and son. They close the road to the main trail head in the winter, but there's a free parking lot with access to the trail at 35.740325, 138.81164. You... Continue Reading →

Mt. Amagi

I didn't download a map to my phone for this hike because I was able to find a guide map searching through the internet. I posted a picture that I took of the map at the trail head. This is description number 73. The parking lot is at 34.8745976,139.0160809, and the trail starts right across the... Continue Reading →

Mt. Tanzawa

Map number 28, description number 71 I hiked Tanzawa on December 10, 2016, before much snow was in the mountains. Occasionally, it snows once or twice in the mountains in early winter, but usually melts quickly. Later January through April there's usually snow in the mountains. Mt. Tanzawa is only about a 1 hour drive... Continue Reading →

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